Coud based system

Do not think about server uptime. TLS-encrypted rig to cloud communication. Your data is secure and always kept privte. Highly scalable - no maximum number of rigs.

Integrated analytics

Historical data and graphs will help you to track your rigs performance. Events log will tell you if you rig reboots or miner crashes. Notifications via telegram or email about rigs availability.

Performance oriented

Minimaized OS for maximum performance but still has minimal GUI for easier maintenance. Near live communication between cloud and rigs - click reboot and rig reacts instantly!

Easy to maintain

We handle all server maintenace, failover and backups for you. Our special Zeroconf feature allows you to easily add new rigs without additional preconfigurations (plug'n'play). Easy to integrate you own custom miners.

Bussines oriented

Reseller plan allows you to rent or resell rigs to other crypto-miners. Or you can buy our Private cloud which allows you to install software into your own servers. Support is reachable 24/7 via email and other provided sources.



  • Unlimited maximum number of rigs
  • Historical data about performance
  • Integrated mining analytics
  • Notifications about rig availability
  • Performance profiles
per rig


  • Everything from standard plan
  • Priority support
  • Self hosted cloud
  • Reselling package
  • Enterprise ready
  • Personalized price*
*contact sales@dwarfos.com